Does the Answers module support markdown text?


When using the Answers module, is it possible to use markdown text for questions, for answers, or for both?



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Sure enough, it is possible to use the markdown syntax for entering text, and this for questions, for answers, of for both.

All that's needed to enable this, is:

  1. Install and enable the Markdown module.
  2. Configure one of more existing textfilters, and/or create a new text filter (which is what was done in this case).

As an example, the text entered to write this answer is actually using ... the markdown syntax.

Here are some of the markdown features used / illustrated in this answer:

  • Double returns, used to start a new Paragraph.
  • Single asterisks, used for Emphasis of some words.
  • Double asterisks, used for Strong of some words.
  • hyperlinks entered in the commonly know markdown format (with link title and actual link-url), such as for the Markdown-link above.
  • lists, either ordered (numbered) or unordered (only using bullets).

Note: there was a minor challenge though, to be able to write this answer using the markdown format: before the Text format pulldown is shown (to select "Markdown text", you need to use the question mark (upper right, next to "Enter a new answer"). Actually it helps that the "Quick Tips" are shown then also (especially if you're not too familiar (yet) with this great syntax).