How to insert advertisements in node bodies?


Sites using WordPress can use the Quick Adsense plugin to insert advertisements inside the body of a node (before/after specific paragraphs).

How to implement something similar in a Drupal 7 site? Is there any contributed Drupal module that can be used to add blocks of advertising (or anything similar) as part of an input format?



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This one is the BEST answer!

Use the SimpleAds module

The SimpleAds module allows for featuring advertisements on a Drupal website, which you can actually do in a number of ways.

Configure the text filter(s)

One way is to use any of the text filters located in relative path admin/config/content/formats/. After you select a filter there (to configure it), just enable the filter that says "SimpleAds Filter". After doing so, you can use something like [ads:TID limit:N] (e.g. to insert ads inside articles, as in your question), which will be substituted with the appropriate Ad.