How to make in-place editing as in Drupal 8 available in a Drupal 7 site already?


Drupal 8 (core) comes with the new In-place editing facility, as shown also in the video tutorial Inline Editing in Drupal 8.

Is there a way to somehow make (part of) this new facility available already in a Drupal 7 site also?



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Contributed module

To implement the in-place editing as in Drupal 8 in a Drupal 7, just enable the contributed module Quick Edit. Some more details about it (quotes and images are from their project pages).

Quick Edit allows content to be edited in-place.

Quick Edit is a backport of the Drupal 8 In-place editing for Fields.

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Drupal distribution

Have a look at the Spark distribution also. Some more details about it (from its project page):

The Drupal 7 Spark distribution is a collection of contributed modules that greatly enhance the authoring experience on top of what Drupal 7 provides. Most key components from the Drupal 8 features are included and some more that did not make it into Drupal 8. The following features are included: