How to enable downvoting in the Answers module?


Not sure what I'm still missing, but I can't get the "downvoting" (either for questions or answers) to work. I suspect something is wrong in "answers_voting_install()" (within answers_voting.install).

Anybody any hints about what I could try to get it to work anyhow?

Note: upvoting and cancelling upvotes works fine.



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This one is the BEST answer!

Eureka, issue pinpointed, and resolved ...

It turned out to be a theming issue:

  • If you don't enable the (shiny) theme that comes with the Answers module (= answers_theme), it already worked, out of the box.
  • And for the answers_theme, it turned out that there was quite a lot still missing in the CSS file "answers_theme.css". Basically, all that was needed is to duplicate anything with ".rate-number-up-down-btn-up", to also have an equivalent ".rate-number-up-down-btn-down".

That was it, really!