Issue Tracking

Q&A systems can be used for Issue Tracking also. The question is about a problem or feature request, and the answer(s) relates to work-arounds, bugfixes, new features, etc.

When should I use Drupal 8 rather than Backdrop CMS?

Backdrop CMS is an alternative to Drupal 8. If you're upgrading from Drupal 7, what would be the reason to decide for Drupal 8 instead of Backdrop?

Does the Answers module support markdown text?

When using the Answers module, is it possible to use markdown text for questions, for answers, or for both?

How to enable downvoting in the Answers module?

Not sure what I'm still missing, but I can't get the "downvoting" (either for questions or answers) to work. I suspect something is wrong in "answers_voting_install()" (within answers_voting.install).

Anybody any hints about what I could try to get it to work anyhow?

Note: upvoting and cancelling upvotes works fine.

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