Idation is the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas, where an idea is understood as a basic element of thought that can be either visual, concrete, or abstract. It is about particpants posting ideas, voting on them and watch ideas through a custom lifecycle as they come to life.

The idea is "published" in the format of a Question, and the Answers to it are about making those ideas come to life.

Which Drupal modules should be used in the DrupalAnswers distribution?

The DrupalAnswers distribution will provide a Drupal (version 7) based variation of sites similar to StackExchange sites, such as DrupalAnswers...

Which existing Drupal (version 7) modules should be considered in for integrating?

Please include some details/motivation about each module that might fit.

How implement a Q&A site for Ideation?

I heard about "Ideation" (not sure yet what it actually is), but it seems you can use a Q&A site for it.

If so, please tell me how I can do so.

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