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How to reduce the need to enable the PHP filter such as in Blocks, Rules or Computed Fields?

Drupal comes with various options to use custom PHP, such as in:

  • Block visibility settings.
  • Rules conditions and/or actions.
  • Computed fields.

However to be able to enter such custom PHP code (using the Drupal UI), it is required that the "PHP filter" is enabled. But that is a possible security risk.

What options are available to reduce the need for using custom PHP?

How to facilitate live chatting with website visitors in Drupal?

Assume an ecommerce site created with Drupal 7 (such as those using Drupal Commerce). For such sites it would be great if the site visitors (either anonymous or logged in users) could interact in real time with somebody from the company behind such sites (site owner, employees, etc). E.g via some type of messaging about topics such as product details, etc.

Obviously, messages created during non-opening hours should not get lost, but instead it should be possible to temporary store them and process them somehow "later on".

How to replace a forum with a Questions & Answers system?

Assume there is a high activity on forum of a Drupal 7 based website. As threads grow and become (too) large, the high traffic shows no interest for many of such threads. Useful posts in it may go out of reach of many.

Just adding a rating system about posts doesn't seem to help. So it seems like replacing such forum with a Questions & Answers (=Q&A) solution is a possible direction to go. Ideally such Q&A system has, as many as possible, features like websites such as

How to create a Drupal view from a JSON or XML file?

Which contributed modules are available in Drupal 7 for creating Views about data contained in files that are formatted as either XML or JSON?

How to implement a Question & Answers section in my website?

I'd like to implement a Question & Answers section in my (already existing) Drupal website. Ideally it should be similar to a StackExchange site, such as the one for Drupal Answers but without these "strings attached" that are typical for those sites:


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